I’m Emmanuel, born in 1991, living in Paris.


While attending CELSA Paris Sorbonne for my major in Communication Sciences (Magistère), I discovered strategic planning during my internships at Publicis Conseil, Dagobert and Ogilvy&Mather and I’ve been passionate about advertising since.


Curiosity is my main driver, alongside cheap coffee and aspirin. I read, draw, write and keep looking for new ways to express ideas. Powerful advertising needs time and effort to be thought and written. Time and effort to make it easy to be understood in a blink of an eye. Good ideas often speak by themselves, because they instantly fill a hole we never thought about : they give us words and images to connect the dots and create new emotions.

That’s the reward.


I’m obsessed by everything that is new because I can’t help but trying to understand it. I embrace change not because it’s often wrongly considered as the easiest way to sell advertising but because I think of it as the best runway for an idea to take-off.